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VIP Module

Sample VIP CardThis card can potentially bring in thousands of extra dollars in repeat sales business at your restaurant. The REST EZ VIP card is a powerful tool incorporated into the REST EZ point of sale system. With this card, clients can keep coming back for such promotions as 2 for 1, frequent diners programs, buy one get one free, or for anniversary or birthday reminders.

Clients feel important when they have your card with your logo emblazoned on it. Our system tracks the sales, by client, and allows you to do mailers direct to clients that have accumulated points or other benefits. This keeps the customers coming back for more.

It has been estimated in restaurant studies, that a restaurant that can get a client back one more time a month, will increase sales on an annual basis over 30%. Remember, the highest cost to a restaurant is not the kitchen equipment, or the tables, or the decor, or even the point of sale system. The highest cost is an empty seat!!!!