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Equipment List: Printers

Choose from any of the following printers:


The TM-200 is an extremely efficient and quiet dot matrix printer perfect for kitchen make line or local customer receipt printer. It can make duplicate receipts by using carbonless two or three part paper. This is our best selling printer at the lowest price.

Refer to Model # RZ-TM2001055



This printer features an auto cutter and high speed printing perfect for the front of the house or kitchen make line areas that require auto paper cutting capabilities. Its sleek design and Epson quality insure years of functionality with Epson's unmatched warranty.

Refer to Model # RZ-TM3001001



This is Epson's premier thermal printer. The perfect quiet solution for fine dining restaurants that need super quiet printing. Not recommended for kitchen areas due to heat problems with thermal paper, it is perfect for the front of the house. Thermal printers print much faster than dot matrix printers but cannot produce duplicate copies.

Refer to Model # RZ-EPSTM-88T1001002


EPSON Slip Printer - TM-U325 EPSON TM-U325 Slip Printer

This printer is perfect for those situations where you prefer a hard stock guest check as opposed to 3 inch white roll paper. This is perfect for a bartending situation or other hard check situation.

Refer to Model # RZ-TM-U32500010



EPSON LX-300 Dot Matrix Printer EPSON LX-300 Dot Matrix

Perfect for printing reports, this dot matrix by EPSON is quick, quiet, and dependable. The affordable choice for printing your back office or front of house wide reports.

Refer to Model # RZ-LX-30001001



EPSON N1200 Laser Printer EPSON N1200 Laser

This 600 DPI Laser Printer by EPSON is great for printing your reports, letters, memos, flyers and menus! This excellent all around laser printer is a perfect addition to any back office setup.

Refer to Model # RZ-N-120001001



CITIZEN - 3535 (Compact Dot Matrix)Citizen 3535 Compact Dot Matrix

Dot matrix designed by Citizen. Comes in a convenient square box design which fits nicely in any kitchen environment. Optional paper cutter available.

Refer to Model # RZ-CIT353500010


CITIZEN - 321 Thermal Citizen - 321 Thermal Printer

Sleek design, Super quiet operation makes this printer perfect for any dining room. Not recommended for kitchen use due to heat.

Refer to Model # RZ-CIT32100010