Caller ID

Caller ID in conjunction with your RestEZ system, equipped with the Caller ID option, allows you to capture incoming telephone calls using the client's telephone number to identify the client automatically. Additionally, the system will provide such information as the number of previous orders the client has placed with your establishment plus the last date on which the client placed their last order. The system will even allow you to import the last order directly on to the new ticket if you like making entering the new order even easier for the front counter person.

Using this information, you can treat every one of your customers as special clients. Identifying on the fly, their food preferences and tastes. Imagine making it seem as though you know every one of your customers on a first name basis. Customers surely appreciate the better more personalized service this feature provides to your business. It keeps the customer coming back for more!!!

In order to utilize the caller id feature with your RestEZ system, you must install caller ID (from your telephone service provider) on at least one telephone line in your business. For each telephone line equipped with caller id, you must have at least one dedicated terminal. Therefore, if you would like to have three caller Id lines in your business for example, in order to capture all three telephone lines, you must have three RestEZ terminals, each one equipped with the caller id feature.

Just think of the information you will gather from this feature especially if more than 40% of your business is take out or delivery!