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Equipment List: Accessories


Cash Drawer RestEZ Single Cash Drawer
Made by POS Logic, our cash drawers are tough and dependable. Features include 3 position key, deposit slot on the front of the drawer, removable till with adjustable compartments. Dual cash drawers are also available and supported by RestEZ.



Data Display Pole RestEZ Data Display Pole
Also made by POS Logic our data display poles are a great addition to your counter-top. Illuminated dual line display pole displays item names and prices as order is placed. Then total, change due information, and a thank you message upon order completion. Displays promotional information and welcome message while idle.



Magnetic Swipe Card Reader RestEZ Magnetic Swipe Card Reader
Our Magnetic Swipe Card Readers are compact and reliable. Designed for swiping credit cards or employee access cards, they can be attached to the side or top of any RestEZ Touchscreen Terminal or mounted on a counter-top.



Tape Backup / Zip Drive Zip DriveTape Drive
Keep your data safe with a tape backup or Zip Drive system. Keep an off-site backup of all menus, inventory items, employee records and more. Or, easily transport data from one location to another.



Uninterruptable Power SupplyRestEZ Uninterruptable Power Supply
Protect your investment! The Battery Backup Unit keeps your RestEZ Point Of Sale System running even when your local electric plant is down. Your customers will appreciate your ability to serve them even in the dark! Recommended for at least your network fileserver, and one extra terminal.